Awaken your awareness, nurture your mindfulness, and transform your world.


If I had to describe myself in a few words, they’d probably be Conscious Creator.

Every day is a new chapter, a chance to learn something new, create a little more, and live a lot more consciously. I’m all about soaking up experiences that help me grow and sprinkle joy and wisdom into the world.

I’m a mom, a wife, a children’s book author, and a big believer in living life fully and mindfully. I’m on a journey to promote healthy living, conscious choices, and to make the everyday a little more magical through the power of stories.

I see a world full of potential, and I’m all about waking up to the beauty and spirituality in the everyday moments. Let’s explore, create, and live consciously together!



I’m all about creating stories that help kids live healthier, more mindful lives. I believe that by teaching them to listen to their bodies and be present, we’re setting the stage for a happier, healthier future.

In every story I write, my goal is to make big ideas about health and mindfulness accessible and fun. I want kids to feel inspired and empowered to make good choices, and to see the positive impact those choices can have.

I love thinking about the ripple effect these stories can have—not just for the kids who read them, but for their families, communities, and the world at large. Here’s to building a brighter, more conscious future, one story at a time!


Envisioning a world where every child grows up with mindfulness and awareness, I’m fueled by a mission to foster healthier, more conscious future generations. It’s not just about reaching millions of kids; it’s about planting seeds of change and nurturing them towards a more balanced and understanding world.

Each step taken, every child reached, brings us closer to a future where better, healthier choices are second nature. This journey, rooted in making a real difference, is about crafting a tomorrow filled with thoughtful decisions, both for oneself and the world.

So here’s to a mission of transformation, to creating waves of change—one mindful choice, one aware child, at a time!